Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape (1 Pack)

Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vapes (1 Pack)

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Introduction To The Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape

The Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape Pod delivers the ultimate vaping experience with its top-of-the-line features and delicious e-liquid flavors. Designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, this disposable vape is equipped with a mesh coil, ensuring great vapor production. With a built-in 600mAh battery that can be easily recharged using a USB-C cable (sold separately), you can enjoy more than 5000 puffs, making it a long-lasting and enjoyable option. Choose from 20 available flavors, including Blue Lemonade, Banana Pineapple, Cranberry Grape, and more, to satisfy your taste buds. Don't miss out on the premium vaping experience – try the Elf Bar Airo Max today!

Product Name: Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape
Tank Size (in ml): 13ml
Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
Battery Type: USB-C Rechargeable 600mAh (cable not included)
Puff Count: 5000+ Puffs
Pack Size: 1 Piece
Flavors: Blue Lemonade, Banana Pineapple, Cranberry Grape, Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Raspberry Peach Lemonade, Peach Mango Watermelon, Berry Blast, Mango Pineapple, Blue Razz Ice, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Clear, Pink Lemonade, Skit Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Sakura Grape, Cool Mint, Guava Ice, Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice, Watermelon Kiwi Ice

Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape (1 Pack) Flavors

  • Blue Lemonade: Experience the refreshing and tangy blend of blueberries and zesty lemonade, creating a burst of flavor with every puff.
  • Banana Pineapple: Indulge in the tropical paradise with the sweet and creamy banana intertwining with the juicy pineapple for a delightful taste sensation.
  • Cranberry Grape: Enjoy the perfect balance of tart cranberries and luscious grapes, creating a harmonious flavor that is both sweet and tangy.
  • Hawaiian Fruit Punch: Transport yourself to a sunny beach with this medley of tropical fruits, including notes of pineapple, orange, and passionfruit, creating a punchy and exotic flavor experience.
  • Raspberry Peach Lemonade: Treat your taste buds to the delightful combination of ripe raspberries, succulent peaches, and a refreshing twist of tangy lemonade, resulting in a fruity and invigorating vape.
  • Peach Mango Watermelon: Immerse yourself in the luscious fusion of juicy peaches, tropical mangoes, and refreshing watermelon, delivering a mouthwatering and juicy vape experience.
  • Berry Blast: Get ready for an explosion of mixed berries, featuring strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, for a sweet and tangy flavor extravaganza.
  • Mango Pineapple: Dive into a tropical paradise with the juicy mangoes and exotic pineapples, combining to create a smooth and irresistible flavor that will transport you to sunny beaches.
  • Blue Razz Ice: Enjoy the icy coolness of blue raspberry mixed with a hint of sweetness, providing a refreshing and chilling sensation to your vape.
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava: Embark on a tropical adventure with the tartness of kiwi, the sweetness of passionfruit, and the exotic flavor of guava, resulting in a harmonious blend of tropical goodness.
  • Clear: Experience a clean and pure taste with this flavorless option, allowing you to enjoy the sensation of vaping without any added flavor.
  • Pink Lemonade: Savor the tangy and sweet combination of zesty lemons and juicy red berries, creating a refreshing and summery vape experience.
  • Skit Ice: Brace yourself for a blast of icy coolness with this menthol-infused flavor, giving you a refreshing and chilling sensation with every inhale.
  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice: Delight in the perfect pairing of ripe strawberries and tangy kiwis, topped off with a cool menthol twist for a refreshing and fruity vape.
  • Sakura Grape: Transport yourself to a Japanese garden with the floral essence of cherry blossoms combined with the sweet and juicy flavor of grapes, resulting in a unique and captivating vape.
  • Cool Mint: Refresh your senses with the crisp and invigorating taste of cool mint, providing a soothing and refreshing vape experience.
  • Guava Ice: Immerse yourself in the tropical delight of luscious guava paired with a cool menthol kick, delivering a refreshing and exotic vape sensation.
  • Watermelon Ice: Enjoy the summertime favorite of juicy watermelon, enhanced with an icy blast, creating a refreshing and revitalizing vape.
  • Grape Ice: Indulge in the classic taste of sweet and ripe grapes, infused with an icy chill, for a refreshing and cooling vape experience.
  • Watermelon Kiwi Ice: Experience the mouthwatering combination of juicy watermelon, tangy kiwi, and a cool hint of menthol, delivering a refreshing and tropical vape.

About the Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape (1 Pack)

The Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape Pod is a revolutionary device that combines ultimate performance with convenience. With its mesh coil and delectable e-liquid options, this disposable vape delivers a satisfying vaping experience with each inhale, making it ideal for mouth-to-lung (MTL) enthusiasts. Equipped with a 600mAh rechargeable battery and a generous 13mL e-liquid capacity, the Airo Max can provide over 5000 puffs, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Choose from an array of 20 exciting flavors, including Blue Lemonade, Banana Pineapple, Cranberry Grape, and more. Don't miss out on the premium vaping experience offered by the Elf Bar Airo Max - try it today!

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Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vape (1 Pack)

Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Vapes (1 Pack)

Regular price $14.99
Sale price $14.99 Regular price $36.99