Deathrow By Snoop Dog 5K Puff (6 Pack)
Deathrow By Snoop Dog 5K Puff (6 Pack)

Death Row Disposable Vapes (6 Pack)

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Deathrow By Snoop Dog 5K Puff (6 Pack)

Death Row Disposable Vapes (6 Pack)

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Introduction To The Death Row Disposable Vape Device 6 Pack

Introducing the newest DEATH ROW Disposable Vape Device 5000 Puffs, a collaboration with Snoop Dogg featuring an Extreme Silence Function Design. With its Mesh Coil for better flavor restoration and rechargeable feature, this vape device offers a truly exceptional experience.

The Micro-USB Charging Port ensures a seamless charging process, providing you with a better vaping experience. Its delicate and sleek design makes it the easiest carry disposable pod you'll ever have. The metallic and looming inside beauty of this device is a conflux of style and functionality. Each DEATH ROW Disposable Vape is rechargeable, alleviating any concerns about running out of power.

Death Row Disposable Vape Device

Product Name: Death Row Disposable Vape Device 5000 Puffs
Tank Size (in ml): 14ml
Nicotine Strength: 50mg/m
Battery Type: Rechargeable 650mAh
Puff Count: Up to 5000
Pack Size: 1 Pack/Piece
Flavors: Blue razz, Rainbow pop, Lush ice, Tangerine bomb, mango grape, Clear, Honeydew pineapple, Ice cola, Wild berrys, Kiwi strawberry, Peach grape, Mango peach watermelon, Tobacco, Strawberry melon, Black ice, Strawberry slush, Mint, Strawberry peach, Strawberry banana.

Death Row Disposable Vape (6 Pack) Flavors

  • Blue razz: Experience the electrifying combination of blueberries and raspberries in this thrilling flavor.
  • Rainbow pop: Taste the explosion of fruity flavors with each puff, as if you're enjoying a rainbow lollipop.
  • Lush ice: Refresh yourself with the coolness of watermelon and menthol, creating a lush and icy sensation.
  • Tangerine bomb: Get ready for a tangy explosion of tangerine flavor that will awaken your taste buds.
  • Mango grape: Indulge in the tropical sweetness of mango blended with the vibrant burst of grape.
  • Clear: Experience a clean and pure vape with this flavor, allowing you to appreciate the true essence of vaping.
  • Honeydew pineapple: Dive into the tropical paradise with the perfect fusion of juicy honeydew and tangy pineapple.
  • Ice cola: Quench your thirst with the refreshing combination of icy menthol and the classic taste of cola.
  • Wild berries: Immerse yourself in the wild and untamed taste of a variety of delicious berries.
  • Kiwi strawberry: Enjoy the harmonious blend of sweet strawberries and the exotic tang of kiwi.
  • Peach grape: Savor the delightful contrast of juicy peaches and succulent grapes in this tantalizing flavor.
  • Mango peach watermelon: Transport yourself to a tropical oasis with the irresistible fusion of mango, peach, and watermelon.
  • Tobacco: Experience the familiar and rich flavor of tobacco, capturing the essence of a classic cigarette.
  • Strawberry melon: Delight in the luscious combination of ripe strawberries and refreshing melon.
  • Black ice: Brace yourself for a chilling blast of menthol and dark, mysterious undertones.
  • Strawberry slush: Cool down with the icy and sweet sensation of a frosty strawberry slushie.
  • Mint: Freshen up your palate with the invigorating and cool taste of mint.
  • Strawberry peach: Experience the perfect balance between juicy strawberries and succulent peaches.
  • Strawberry banana: Enjoy the creamy and fruity fusion of ripe strawberries and smooth bananas.

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