Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape (10 Pack)

Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vapes (10 Pack)

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Introduction To The Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape

Introducing the Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape, an upgraded version of the original disposable vape pod by Foodgod. With 0% nicotine and a compact design, this disposable vape is perfect for those looking for a convenient and delicious vaping experience.

The Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe is pre-filled with 10mL of exclusive and mouth-watering e-liquid flavors, creating a distinctive taste that will satisfy your cravings. This pocket-friendly device is easy to carry around, allowing you to enjoy over 4000 puffs wherever you go.

Equipped with a 380mAh internal battery that can be easily recharged with a USB-C cable (not included), the Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe ensures a long-lasting vaping experience without the hassle of frequent battery replacement.

Choose from a variety of flavors, including Watermelon Millionaire, Strawberry Sake, and Unsweetened Mint Ice Tea, among others. With 15 available flavors, there's something for everyone's taste buds.

Each package contains 10 Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape Devices, allowing you to stock up and enjoy your favorite flavors for an extended period of time.

Upgrade your vaping experience with the Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape and indulge in the flavors created exclusively for this product. Browse our selection of disposable vape bundles to find the perfect combination for you.

Product Name: Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape
Tank Size (in ml): 10ml
Nicotine Strength: 0% (0 Nicotine)
Battery Type: USB-C Rechargeable 380mAh (cable not included)
Puff Count: 4000+ Puffs
Pack Size: 10 Pack/Piece
Flavors: Watermelon Millionaire, Strawberry Sake, Unsweetened Mint Ice Tea, Peach Bellini, Pink Pineapple, Rose Lemonade, Triple Berry, Orangelo Watermelon, Chilly Mango, Banana Azul, Pineberry, Coffee Affogato, Frozen Grapes, Party, Mint Popsicles

Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape (10 Pack) Flavors

  • Watermelon Millionaire: Indulge in the refreshing taste of juicy watermelon with a touch of luxury.
  • Strawberry Sake: Experience the delicate blend of sweet strawberries and the smoothness of sake for a sophisticated vaping experience.
  • Unsweetened Mint Ice Tea: Quench your thirst with the refreshing essence of mint-infused ice tea, without any added sweetness.
  • Peach Bellini: Immerse yourself in the elegance of ripe peaches transformed into a sparkling bellini masterpiece.
  • Pink Pineapple: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the exotic fusion of pink pineapples, offering a unique twist on this classic fruit.
  • Rose Lemonade: Delight in the fragrant combination of delicate roses and zesty lemons, creating a harmonious balance of floral and citrus flavors.
  • Triple Berry: Enjoy a trio of luscious berries - strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries - bursting with sweetness and natural goodness.
  • Orangelo Watermelon: Dive into the refreshing taste of both oranges and watermelons, perfectly blended to create a harmonious fruity symphony.
  • Chilly Mango: Embark on a tropical journey with the coolness of menthol accompanying the succulent sweetness of ripe mangoes.
  • Banana Azul: Discover the unique flavor of blue bananas, combining the familiar taste of bananas with a delicious twist.
  • Pineberry: Experience the intriguing fusion of sweet strawberries and tangy pineapples, resulting in a flavor that is truly out of this world.
  • Coffee Affogato: Indulge in the decadence of smooth espresso paired with creamy vanilla gelato, creating a rich and satisfying vaping experience.
  • Frozen Grapes: Cool down with the icy burst of frozen grapes, offering a unique and refreshing flavor unlike any other.
  • Party: Let the celebration begin with this vibrant and festive flavor, combining a medley of fruity notes for an unforgettable party in your mouth.
  • Mint Popsicles: Relish in the nostalgia of summertime with the cool and invigorating taste of mint-infused popsicles.

Introducing Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape (10 Pack)

Experience the enhanced version of Foodgod's popular ZERO 0% disposable vape pod with the luxurious ZERO 0% Luxe. This innovative product offers a nicotine-free vaping experience, packed with 10mL of distinctive and delicious e-liquid exclusively crafted for this pod. Its compact and portable design makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go vaping enthusiasts. With over 4000 puffs per device, and a USB-C rechargeable 380mAh battery, the Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe sets a new standard in disposable vaping. Discover an array of flavors and explore our range of disposable vape bundles for convenience and variety.

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Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vape (10 Pack)

Foodgod ZERO 0% Luxe Disposable Vapes (10 Pack)

Regular price $187.50
Sale price $187.50 Regular price