Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape (3 Pack)

Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vapes (3 Pack)

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Introduction To The Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape 3 Pack

Introducing the Packspod Disposable Vape, brought to you by Packwoods. Known for their top-notch infused alternative products, Packwoods presents a game-changing device that is sure to impress vape enthusiasts.

The Packspod is a box-shaped gadget with a remarkable 12mL e-liquid capacity and a powerful 1400mAh rechargeable USB-C battery (cable not included). With its impressive battery capacity, this disposable vape pod delivers a whopping 5000 puffs of pure flavor and satisfaction, making it perfect for all-day vaping enjoyment.

Choose from a wide selection of 11 available flavors, including Black Cherry Gelato, Unicorn Sorbet, Rainbow Sorbet, Miami Haze, Sour Gushers, Gelato Freeze, Guava Bubblegum, Marshmallow Fluff, Orange Creamsicle, Jelly Dulce, and Banana Flambe. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide a strong and delicious taste experience.

Experience convenience and high performance with the Packspod Disposable Vape. Each package includes 3 Packspod devices, ensuring you always have a backup ready to go. Don't miss out on the ultimate vaping experience – try the Packspod Disposable Vape today!

Product Name: Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape
Tank Size (in ml): 12ml
Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)
Battery Type: USB-C Rechargeable 1400mAh (cable not included)
Puff Count: + 5000
Pack Size: 3 Pack/Piece
Flavors: Black Cherry Gelato (Cherry Pop), Unicorn Sorbet (Kiwi Strawberry), Rainbow Sorbet (Berry Blasted Mango), Miami Haze (Watermelon Freeze), Sour Gushers (Jungle Juice), Gelato Freeze (Cool Mint), Guava Bubblegum (Sweet Guava), Marshmallow Fluff (Sweet Cloud), Orange Creamsicle (Orange Burst), Jelly Dulce (Grape), Banana Flambe (Artic Banana)

Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape Flavors

  • Black Cherry Gelato: Indulge in the creamy sweetness of cherry gelato, with a hint of tartness to delight your taste buds.
  • Unicorn Sorbet: Experience a magical blend of kiwi and strawberry, creating a refreshing sorbet-like flavor that's truly enchanting.
  • Rainbow Sorbet: Immerse yourself in a vibrant assortment of berry flavors, fused with a blast of mango, for a truly tantalizing taste experience.
  • Miami Haze: Enjoy the icy coolness of watermelon combined with a freezing sensation, as if you're sipping on a frozen watermelon slushy.
  • Sour Gushers: Dive into a jungle juice explosion with a burst of sweet and sour gusher candies, leaving your taste buds craving for more.
  • Gelato Freeze: Savor the refreshing coolness of mint, similar to indulging in a creamy gelato with a chilly twist.
  • Guava Bubblegum: Delight in the delectable sweetness of guava infused into a classic bubblegum flavor, creating a tropical bubblegum paradise.
  • Marshmallow Fluff: Experience the light and fluffy sweetness of marshmallows, as if you're enjoying a delightful cloud of sugary goodness.
  • Orange Creamsicle: Treat yourself to the nostalgic and creamy flavor of an orange creamsicle, reminiscent of indulging in a childhood favorite frozen treat.
  • Jelly Dulce: Revel in the grape goodness of jelly candies, where the juiciness of grapes is captured in a delightful gummy-like experience.
  • Banana Flambe: Indulge in the arctic coolness of ripe bananas, delivering a frozen banana sensation that will leave you craving for more.
  • The Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape (3 Pack)

    The Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape is the ultimate vaping device for those seeking convenience and flavor. With its box-shaped design and 12mL capacity, this disposable vape pod offers a generous amount of e-liquid that will last you all day long. The powerful 1400mAh rechargeable USB-C battery ensures that you never run out of power while on the go. With a staggering 5000 puffs and 11 available flavors to choose from, including Black Cherry Gelato, Unicorn Sorbet, and Marshmallow Fluff, there's something for everyone. Shop Shefa offers a wide selection of disposable vape bundles, ensuring that you find exactly what you're looking for. Enhance your vaping experience with the Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape from Shop Shefa today!
    Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vape (3 Pack)

    Packwoods Packspod Disposable Vapes (3 Pack)

    Regular price $43.50
    Sale price $43.50 Regular price $89.99